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Waiting on winter

Hello everyone,been some time since our last post and am now hoping to make this blog a regular feature in our social media routine.Well things have slowed down considerably around the ranch,and we are also in the middle of one of the driest winters on record.We went through December with no precipitation whatsoever and now January is following suit,so we have our fingers crossed that winter will show itself in some way,shape or form shortly as we rely on the snowpack and rain to recharge our lakes,ponds,ground aquifers and for us folks dryland farming and ranching germinate our seeds and help the grass to regenerate. It can be somewhat disheartening to walk the newly planted fields and  pastures only to see dry dusty ground and try not have a feeling of hopelessness,but that’s part of the gamble of agriculture. The latest forecast indicates a possible chance of rain and snow for next week,so that keeps hope alive for the possibility of next years hay crop,i expect the price of hay to be phenomenal this year  as it’s very high now.Without putting up at least some of our hay and having good pasture,it could easily change our plans for growing our cattle herd and sheep flock. Extra mouths to feed with increased hay prices would be prohibitive on our small-scale,or any scale really! But on the other hand this weather has been a bittersweet blessing as well since we’ve been able to be outside getting chores done that would have regularly been done in the spring,so we’re a few steps ahead come april and may.We have a few ewes to lamb soon and a few at the neighbors being bred,and some lambs ready to go down the road. Last summers calves are looking great and the cows should calve again in march,so we look forward to new babies running around the pasture(hopefully on nice green grass).We decided  we want to try our hand at some pastured fryers this year,along with our free range egg production,so if you need some excellently raised eggs or chicken call us and order ahead so we know you have an interest!In closing i just will update you that we got our Farmall M going,and it just needs a little fine tuning and she’ll be ready for this season starting with haying so very excited there,and there’s still a chance we may buy my neighbors Farmall 706 which is a 90hp tractor w/a cab.So stay tuned!I’ll keep this blog going more often now that I’m home for the winter from my seasonal job at the county ag dept.Hope everyone is well! Solomon and the Sweeting outfit.

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