Thinking toward fall and the future of the farm.

Loadin' the M in Fallon,Nevada

Well its been some time since my last post,a little bit of being on the go and lazy writers block.There’s always plenty going on at any one time on the ranch, but it can get hard to discipline one’s self to sit down and write about it.Like most folks we are feeling the changing of the seasons,and as summer comes to and end, the call of winter and all it’s urgency have us running from one project to another,and  coming up with an all around plan for this falls grass planting,improved calving and lambing facilities,marketing strategies,future news letter,and all the things that will propel us into the 2012 farm season.Moving our garden is looking like a good possibility since we have come to the conclusion that we placed it in the coldest part of our yard,so the sheep pen may serve as its next destination,as it is  already well fertilized and receives quite a bit more sun then the current location which will be used for things that do better in somewhat cooler conditions.As many may have seen on our face book page we have acquired a 1942 Farmall McCormick(International Harvester)model M tractor,which I’m restoring enough to help with the fall planting and some snow removal duties,as well as ground prep and haying along with our other International Industrial tractor which has a backhoe,and three-point and pto,i think we’ll be able to handle our farming duties much more efficiently as two of us will be able to work simeltaneously(lord knows i could use the extra tractor help).After a long period of pondering what to plant I’ve settled on Ryegrass as it grows here in a dryland situation very well and also a dryland pasture mix with brome,fescue,orchard grass,and a few different subclovers,to help fix nitrogen and of course the wheat we bought last spring will also get planted,so that’s the plan.We also hope to fertilize with a water-soluble fish fertilizer this spring as things irrigate up.Its also looking like a few more ewes from my daughters high school may be calling the ranch home soon,as they only keep the very best conformation in the ag program for 4-h and ffa,but in a meat program I’m more concerned with good flesh and mothering ability,so they should work out just fine on our outfit.It’s also the time of year to start thinking about all the reading that’s been piling up around here,can’t wait to have a minute to read all the interesting articles,dream about neat farm and ranch gadgets,enjoy all the canned fruits and veggies and of course our home-grown meats.We did’nt raise a pig,but that may also be on our agenda in the next few weeks ,as there always seems to be goodies that could go toward a hog or two and our old chickens are slowly waning on the egg laying and will go into the freezer in november,we’ll start with fresh hens next season.Well i hope harvest season finds everyone in the middle of bounty and plentifullness,and remember to support local agriculture and community businesses,and share with you family, friends and neihbors.Thanks for visiting!!Sweeting Ranch crew.

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