I am a first generation Rancher/Farmer in  beautiful Loyalton,California which is in Sierra Valley.I ranch with my wife and two daughters and practice sustainable holistic type production practices.We center our ranch around a grass based livestock system where animals are raised and finished on grass.We feel strongly about rotational grazing with our cows and sheep and using no-till methods of farming and have free range eggs and pastured poultry as well.We are  very big proponents of organic based agriculture and lifestyle and agvocates for small and medium scale family farms and ranches.We like to meet and talk with people of all types of  different Ag production models! Thanks for stopping by! Sweeting Ranch.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Ray Rapp

    Hi, I saw your youtube video on cleaning out the fuel tank of your Farmall M. My question is how to you get the fuel tank off? I have tried everything.

    • Hi Ray, thanks for watching the video. To get of the tank, you first take off the top panel toward the front of the tractor Between the radiator and the gas tank, once that’s off disconnect the fuel line below the tank and the three nuts under the tank securing the tank to tractor, then lift it off. Nice if you have an extra hand at this point, I didn’t though. See if that helps and let me know. Good luck!

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