The a.m. shift

So i am awoken  this morning at 2 am,to the sounds of serious loud barking and think to myself @&%$#* dogs ,should i really get out of bed and see what’s going on.I mean our dogs are known to go on barking  tangents at any given time of the day,and usually at things that aren’t attention worthy.But my need to console my worries gets the best of me(forgot to mention we had four of our neighbors young bulls come over a day ago)so i figured they might be in with the girls by this morning.Anyways back to the story.As i lay in bed i did what any groggy,half asleep,exhausted,butt kicked from previous days chores,annoyed from being woken from a good dream person would do,i slightly pushed the curtains open  with my finger to see what was up(as if i could see anything in the pitch black) and to my surprise saw a big dark bovine outline outside my bedroom window,damn i thought this is how my day is gonna’ play out.Well the first thing i did was lay back down,i guess i figured the bulls finally made their way through all the fences so might as well rest up till later this morning as i will need all my energy for the big bull parade,but something inside me said get your butt out of bed and check it out.So with many colorful words racing in my mind i quickly pulled on my pants and other warm clothing (did a last check to see if the wife was awake and wanted to help,yeah right) and went to see my fate.Well imagine my surprise when i came out the door to see my own cows running around kicking their heels up and eating freely from the hay pile!This scenario which isn’t a new one if you’ve read my previous blogs was most annoying because they where in their pasture last night at feeding time and through error of my own had escaped out of a hole (the last in a fence we were fixing) and that i had assured my wife would be fine till we got back to it in a day our two was blasted open,i should have known better since  my cows are exceptional escape artist and nothing in a fence goes unnoticed.Well i ended up chasing them back and forth for about 30 minutes in the dark through the west pasture,and into a drainage ditch till i got them lined out on the fence and pushed back into the pasture that they had come from and quickly put a panel over the big gap in the fence till morning light,but now i can’t go back to sleep so here i am.Moral of the story is don’t put off till tomorrow what needs done today, unless you’re a really heavy sleeper!Now where are those bulls?!

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